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Cala San Vincente Fiesta and Public Holidays

Below are listed the local events, fiestas and public holidays that we are aware of. Most fiestas will normally take place on the same dates each year, however, the programme of events is often not finalised until a few days beforehand:

January 1 New Years Day - Public Holiday
  6 Feast of The Epiphany - Public Holiday
  16-17 Fiesta of Sant Antoni Abat the patron saint of animals. The event begins with the lighting of small bonfires, which the local residents sit around and sing traditional songs and roast "botifarrons", which are locally made blood sausages. The following day there is a colourful parade and an enormous fir tree is paraded through the streets of Pollensa, past the local church, and on to the main square, where it is then smeared with soap and eggs, and the young men of the town try to climb it.
  19-20 Fiesta of Sant Sebastia. The main parade through Pollensa includes the traditional dance of "Els Cavallets", where two small children dance wearing paper mache horses.
March 1 Balearics Day - Public Holiday
Lent   The Carnival Fiestas begin on the Thursday before Lent (Dijous Llarder), and continue until Ash Wednesday (Dimecres de Cendra) with street parades and fancy-dress parties all over the island.
Easter   One of the most popular cultural attractions in the north west of the island is the cypress tree lined Calvari steps which lead up to the tiny Calvari church with its ancient wooden cross, and magnificent views of looking back over the Pollensa old town. Although strictly a religious event, the 365 Calvari steps are the scene of a moving procession each Good Friday that always draws a large crowd of both local residents and visitors to Pollensa, when the figure of Christ is removed from a cross and carried down the steps by torchlight.
May 1 May Day - Public Holiday
June 13 Corpus Christi. Along with a colourful parade through Pollensa, two young people dressed in white and with many gold jewels from head to foot, perform the traditional dances of "Les Aguiles". This dance is believed to originate when, on the day of Corpus Christi in 1614, a great eagle flew over the sky of Palma.
July 13-18 Fiesta of the Mare de Deu del Carme. Along with the usual selection of parades and musical events, this Fiesta also includes a maritime procession in honour of the Patron Saint of seafarers and fishermen.
  25 Fiesta of Mare de Deu dels Angels. Visitors can experience the biggest event of the north west fiesta calendar, which commences on July 25th and culminates a week later on 2nd August with the Fiesta of Mare de Deu dels Angels, and the re-enactment of the battle of the Moors and Christians. This fiesta commemorates the battle by the local population of Pollenca against 1500 Moors led by a pirate named Dragut. The fiesta can be traced back to the middle of the 19th Century, and almost the whole of the town is involved, the Christians are all dressed in white and the followers of Dragut in various colours. On the evening of the 1st August a dance is held until the early hours of the morning, and the town then waits in suspense until at 5am the local band plays the "Alborada" (the dawn). After this Mass is said throughout the day along with other various activities until the battle is finally fought at 7pm in the evening. After the battle the Christians return to the church for prayers, and on leaving the church the band again play the "Alborada". The fiesta then finishes with the singing of the "Visca Pollenca" (Hooray Pollenca) and a grand firework display.
August 15 Ascension Day - Public Holiday
October 12 Fiesta Nacional de Espana - Public Holiday
November 1 All Saints Day - Public Holiday
  The Autumn Fair or "Fira de Tardor", takes place during the second weekend of November in Pollenca. This event combines a traditional country fair with a jazz festival, and features exhibitions of local crafts along with various games and sporting activities.
December 6 Constitution Day - Public Holiday
  8 Immaculate Conception - Public Holiday
  25 Christmas Day - Public Holiday
  26 St Stephen Day - Public Holiday
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