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Playa de Muro Fiesta and Public Holidays

Below are listed the local events, fiestas and public holidays that we are aware of. Most fiestas will normally take place on the same dates each year, however, the programme of events is often not finalised until a few days beforehand:

January 1 New Years Day - Public Holiday
  5 Arrival of the Three Kings at the Port of Alcudia, followed by worship of the baby Jesus in the Church of the Virgin of Carmen and San Pedro and ride into the center of Alcudia, with worship of the Living Nativity located at Porta del Moll. Traditional Kings concert with the Municipal Band and Choir City of Alcudia performing songs together.
  6 Feast of The Epiphany - Public Holiday
  16-17 Fiesta of Sant Antoni Abat the patron saint of animals. The event begins with the lighting of small bonfires, which the local residents sit around and sing traditional songs and roast "botifarrons", which are locally made blood sausages. The following day there is a colourful parade culminating in the blessing of the animals in front of the local parish church.
March 1 Balearics Day - Public Holiday
Lent   The Carnival Fiestas begin on the Thursday before Lent (Dijous Llarder), and continue until Ash Wednesday (Dimecres de Cendra) with street parades and fancy-dress parties all over the island.
Easter   Palm Sunday is celebrated with the "Procession of Silence" through the streets of Port of Alcudia. Thursday and Friday, the traditional Easter processions through the streets of the historic centre take place, followed on Easter Sunday by the "La Procesion de el Encuentro".
    On the first Sunday after Easter Muro honours Sant Francesc de Paula. The Fiesta can be traced back to 1714 and features a number of both civic and religious events, including the "solemnes completes", concerts by local bands, as well as handicraft, machinery, agriculture, industry and livestock shows.
April   During April, the Puerto de Alcudia Food Fair is normally held. The timing varies each year depending on the date on which Easter falls.
May 1 May Day - Public Holiday
June 24 The Fiesta of Sant Joan Baptista held at Placa Major in Muro. Highlights include the magnificent Bull run in which top bullfighting figures participate. During this festival, the bullring becomes awash with colour as crowds pack into the theatre. The event is further enlivened by a band which plays varied repertoire of pasodobles.
  25 - 29 Fiesta of Sant Pere the patron of the sailors at Puerto de Alcudia. Along with a number of sporting and musical events that take place, the highlight of the Fiesta is procession at sea where highly decorated boats accompany a statue of the Saint around the bay.
July 1- 2 Fiesta of the Virgen Maria de la Victoria. At night there is dancing with local groups through to dawn, and at 08:30 the following day rockets are launched to announce a parade. At 11:00 a Mass is then celebrated, followed by evening dancing.
  25 Fiesta of Saint Jaime, who is the patron saint of Alcudia. This Fiesta lasts for a week and during this time there are lots of activities including concerts, open-air dances, and religious ceremonies.
  26 Every three years on July 26th the Procession of the Saint Christ takes place in memory of the miracle in 1507 when the figure of Saint Christ started to sweat blood and ended a long period of drought.
August 15 Ascension Day - Public Holiday
  15 Fiesta of Mare de Deu d'Agost at C'an Picafort, which is also known locally as the "Fiesta of the Ducks". This annual event is somewhat strange even for Majorca, and despite the threat of fines and sanctions for those involved, this illegal Fiesta attracts over 3,000 people to the town. Each year the Conselleria d'Agricultura y Pesca of the Government warns the local town hall of Santa Margalida that it is prohibited to celebrate this Fiesta. But every year the town hall goes ahead, prepared to pay any fines, which last year cost the municipal treasury 3,000 Euros. The format of the event is shortly after noon five boats, holding approximately 350 ducks, drops anchor in front of the Hotel Sol y Mar and releases the ducks. The idea then is that swimmers take to the sea and try to capture the ducks as trophies. The ducks are not harmed in this event, most are captured and then released at the Torrent de Son Baulo, some escape and fly away to freedom, although in all fairness some have also been known to finish up in a casserole. The origins of this Fiesta is unknown, but it apparently began as a game more than 80 years ago. Many elderly residents in the town can still remember taking part many years ago when they were small.
  24 Fiesta of Les Llanternes where the youngest children of the town parade through the streets at nightfall, and sing traditional Majorcan songs whilst carrying Chinese lanterns made out of melons.
September   Fiesta of la Virgin Maria de Santa Ana takes place on the first Sunday of September at the 13th Century chapel of Santa Ana. This event is historically associated with horses and horse racing and trotting.
    The Fiesta of Sant Catalina Tomas takes place in Santa Margalida during the first weekend in September. During the event, devils with bells run through the streets and wake up the villagers, to be followed by traditional parades and dancing to local bands.
October   During the first week of October each year the "Fira" takes place in Alcudia, which is really an agricultural trade fair. On the Saturday there is usually a procession of people through the streets of the town carrying historical figures from Majorcan history.
12 Fiesta Nacional de Espana - Public Holiday
  20 On the eve of Sant Ursula day, it is traditional for groups of musicians to serenade single girls and women, with songs that have been specially chosen by the lovers, parents, grandparents or just friends. The girls in gratitude, then reward the musicians with doughnuts and sweet wine.
November 1 All Saints Day - Public Holiday
December 6 Constitution Day - Public Holiday
  8 Immaculate Conception - Public Holiday
  25 Christmas Day - Public Holiday
  26 St Stephen Day - Public Holiday
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